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Explanation: One block is recommended, but you should still scan near to far.

Question: How far ahead should you look in city traffic?

A) 1/4 mile.
B) 1 block. - (The Correct Answer)
C) 3 blocks. - (Your Answer)

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  • Schools:
      • Ease of testing
      • One person can monitor a large class (web site scores tests real-time)
      • Gives student the correct answer at the end of each question with an explanation
  • Companies:
    • Retain drivers because of the ease of testing
    • Driver can study at home at his/her own pace
    • HAZ-MAT tests are easy to follow
    • Will allow employees to easily attain endorsement or comply with mandatory retest endorsements
    • Can be used for education and insurance purposes for HAZ-MAT compliance in IL


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